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Happle's Wholesale Items

We are proud to offer our organic and natural products for national and international distribution, as well as local wholesale delivery. In addition to Happle's products, custom baking of specialty, organic and natural items and private label are available. Please call to discuss the possibilities.

Happle's Certified Organic Fruit Pies

Available in 3 sizes: 10" pies ­ 3lbs, 8" pies ­ 2lbs, 6" pies ­ 14oz. We offer Apple, Cranberry-Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, and Peach in these sizes. Our fruit pies are loaded with fruit. We use 100% spelt flour to make our flaky hand latticed crust. Our fruit pies contain no dairy products, no trans fats and are Vegan. Our pies are fully baked and quick frozen, packaged for retail. Sell them freshly warmed in your bakery department.

Happle's Certified Organic Pumpkin Pies

Available in 2 sizes: 10" ­ 37oz, 8" ­ 27oz. We use our 100% spelt flour for the trans fat free pumpkin crust. These pumpkin pies are fully baked, retail packaged and ready to thaw and serve. We recommend pumpkin pies be kept in the bakery refrigerated areas.

Happle's All Natural Kringles

Happle's all natural Kringles are 14 oz traditional Danish pastry rings. Each is handmade with old world skill, but updated formulas for today´s more health conscious customers. They are trans fat free, dairy free and Vegan. We use no artificial colors or preservatives. Kringle are packaged for retail and can be placed out on your bakery department´s tables. Five delicious fillings are available: Almond, Apple, Cherry, Pecan and Raspberry.

Happle's All Natural Key Lime Pies

Authentic Key Lime Pie, a favorite tradition in Florida and enjoyed everywhere. Our key lime pies bring the perfect combination of tart and sweet together in a traditional graham cracker crust. This pie is very successful when topped in your bakery and sold as your own product. It is available in 10" ­ 32oz, packaged for retail

Happle's Natural Key Lime Tarts

Our popular Key Lime Pie is available for wholesale in an individual 3" tart serving. They are bulk packaged 60 tarts per case.