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Happle's Organics

Happle's commitment to quality pies is now available in a delicious, wholesome, truly organic form. Just experience the pure delight in every bite of tree ripened apples, perfectly spiced, or plump cherries allowed to ripen on the tree, not too sweet, not too tart. Oh, and blueberries bursting with goodness.

All of the superfruit fillings peek through the hand latticed 100% spelt crust. Happle´s use less sugar to allow the true fruit flavors to shine. As an added bonus, these wonderful fruit pies are vegan, and no dairy. All organic pies are trans fat free.

Happle's Organic Apple Pie

Cinnamon and spice and everything nice with organic apples. "Your apple pies are deliciously packed with quality." ~ Carol, Land O´Lakes, WI - Order Yours Today!

Happle's Organic Cherry Pie

Superfruit tart cherries tree ripened to perfection. "Great Pies ­ I have bought Happle´s Pies many times...and I LOVE them...The fact they are organic is even better!" ~ Julie, FL - Order Yours Today!

Happle's Organic Cranberry Apple Pie

The adventurous sensation of tart superfruit cranberries tamed with sweet organic apples. "You guys are awesome." ~ Carolyn, OR - Order Yours Today!

Happle's Organic Blueberry Pie

"Heaven in blueberry" "The crust was euphoric and the blueberries could hardly contain themselves. They 'pop' with flavor and juice as you explore the pie, and once you start, you might not be able to stop, so order more than one or you will regret it." ~ Lesley, IN - Order Yours Today!

Happle's Organic Pumpkin Pie

A tradition recipe of perfectly spiced organic pumpkin with organic whole milk and eggs. "I never had such a creamy pumpkin pie." Pat, Philadelphia, PA