Handmade USDA Certified Organic Pies. Free of Chemicals... Taste the Difference!Order Yours Today!

Happle's Naturals

Happle's natural products are traditional handmade Danish pastry, key lime pies and tarts. We do not use artificial colors or preservatives and these products are trans fat free.

Happle's All Natural Kringles

Old world skill and care has made Kringle and international favorite Kringle is a traditional Danish pastry shaped into a ring and filled with a fruit or nut filling. Kringle do not contain any dairy ingredients and are Vegan. They make a delightful breakfast, snack or dessert. They are available in almond, apple, cherry, pecan and raspberry. Order Yours Today!

Happle's All Natural Key Lime Pies

A Florida favorite enjoyed everywhere. Our key lime pies bring the perfect combination of tart and sweet together in a traditional graham cracker crust. This pie is available wholesale only and can be custom decorated in your store bakery or restaurant.

Happle's Natural Key Lime Tarts

Our popular Key Lime Pie is available in an individual 3" tart serving. Wholesale only.