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About Us

Taste The Difference

Happle's had its humble beginnings as a single retail outlet committed to providing the finest gourmet cookies, pastries and pies in the Midwest. Since that beginning in 1992, it has transformed into a nationwide purveyor of some of the highest quality desserts available in the country. But one thing has remained the same throughout all of the years...it is still a family business run by its founders, James Happel and his daughter, Tamra Happel-Garman. Together, they see to it that every item that leaves their bakery meets the high standards they set for their company years ago.

Happle's featured their new line of certified organic pies at the 2004 All Things Organic Show in Chicago. The response was electric. Happle's commitment to quality pies was now available in a delicious, wholesome, truly organic form. Just experience the pure delight in every bite of tree ripened apples, perfectly spiced, or plump cherries allowed to ripen on the tree, not too sweet, not too tart. Oh, and blueberries bursting with goodness. All of these organic fruit fillings are cradled in a flaky hand latticed spelt crust. As an added bonus, Happle's is pleased to announce that these wonderful fruit pies are trans fat free - no dairy, no lard as well.

Our motto is: "Start with only the best ingredients and follow through with quality every step of the way. Put in the extra effort with hand work for the best results."

Our formulas have been developed to offer special features that the organic and health consumers are looking for.